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biodegradable Packaging for Environment Co.,Ltd
Factory biodegradable Packaging for Environment Co.,Ltd
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Party Set bio Let's call it a green party

Award and Certificates biodegradable Packaging for Environment Co.,Ltd,
•  Management
ISO 9001:2008
ISO 22000:2005
Halal 2013
•  Award
"Top Ten Innovative Business 2006"
Good Design Award (G-mark)
Priminister's Export Award
BaiPO Business Awards
•  Test Report
Biodegradable Test - M-Tec Thailand
US FDA 21 CFR 176.170
Product Physical Test - SGS Hongkong
EN13432 (OK Compost)
ASTM D 6866:2008
Product Physical Test - Intertek Thailand
Arsenic Lead Cadmium Total Chromiom Cyan Test from Japan
Lead Cadmium Arsenic Mercury Peticide Test
Evaporation Residues Consumption of potassium permanganate Heavy Metal
Tensile Test
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