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Party Set bio Let's call it a green party

Bio-P001: Plate 6-inch
ø 155x14.6 mm. /weight 6g.
Bio-P002: Plate 7-inch
ø 184x14.6 mm. /weight 10g.
Bio-P003: Plate 8-inch
ø 210x18.6 mm. /weight 13g.
Bio-P005: Plate 10-inch
ø 261x20.6 mm. /weight 20g.
Bio-P007: Three-compartment 10-inch
ø 261x25.6 mm. /weight 20g.
Bio-P009: Oval Plate 6.5-inch
ø 233x165x22 mm. /weight 13g.
Bio-P011: Australian Plate 7-inch
ø 180x18 mm. /weight 10g.
Bio-P013: Australian Plate 9-inch
ø 230x20.6 mm. /weight 16g.
Bio-P020: Ellipse Plate 8-inch
ø 263x199x20 mm. /weight 14g.
Bio-P030: Ellipse Plate 10-inch
ø 318x255x22 mm. /weight 26g.
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