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biodegradable Packaging for Environment Co.,Ltd
Factory biodegradable Packaging for Environment Co.,Ltd
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Party Set bio Let's call it a green party

Product biodegradable Packaging for Environment Co.,Ltd,

BPE tableware products offer more than 70 different models including plates, trays, lunch boxes, bowls and cups plus custom service to help developing models that fit to any of your customers requirements.


    •  100% Eco-friendly
    •  100% Biodegradable in 45 days
    •  100% Food safety and non toxic contamination
    •  100% Disposable
    •  100% Microwavable, oven-able
    •  100% Applicable for hot and cold food
    •  100% non wood fiber
    •  100% Chlorine free pulp material (ECF)

Product Benefit Comparison

  Plastic Styrofoam Product benefit
Variety of Models and Molds
Fully Microwavable ? Χ
Fully Biodegradable within 45 days Χ Χ
Long Shelf Life
No Excessive Energy in Production Χ
No Waste form Production Χ ?
Temperature Resistance at -40 ํC to 250 ํC ? Χ
Heat Resistance at 150 ํC ? Χ
No Pollution to Environment Χ Χ
Affordable Price Χ
No Carcinogenic Substance In Packaging Χ Χ
Value Added to the Company Image Χ Χ

Fully Renewable Concept

Fully Renewable Concept Bagasse, biodegradable, Bio Packaging
บรรจุภัณฑ์ ชานอ้อย, ไบโอ, บรรจุภัณฑ์สีเขียว

Our Products

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Products available

       Bio BOWL        Bio BOX         Bio PLATE         Bio TRAY
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